Everything to know about the Dawood and their contributions

If there is one family that has made great contribution to the youth and the society of Pakistan, that is the Dawood family. Whether it be uplifting the youth, the education, the field of medicine, you name it, the Dawood family has set their name in the field and yes, they have done their best to do their part in improve the nation.

Philanthropist, Bashir Dawood is a humble person who identifies the requirements of the people who are in need and provides them well. If not for the contributions that has been made by the Dawood family, it will not be possible for the field of education, medicine and youth developments to be this advanced in the country of Pakistan. The amazing contributions foot he Dawood should certainly be apprenticed. Here is everything that you need to know about the Dawood family foundation.

Development of the field of medicine

One of the top fields that has believed the immense support of the Dawoods in order to increase the patient care that is given, the quality  of the health care facilities and other aspects is medicine. The Dawood’s have taken the needed steps into guaranteeing that the hospitals in Pakistan receive the cutting edge equipment that is needed for them to better their health care.

They have no only bettered hospitals, but the Dawood have also donated equipment that has made it possible to carry out modern research facilities in the Aga Kahn university. The read donations that was made was truly a boost other field of medicine as  the equipment that was donated was certainly the best in the area. The Dawood did their part in enhancing the died of medicine in Pakistan and yes, they have done their part in saving thousands and millions of lives.

Development of the Aga Khan university

When taking about the Dawood, the Aga Khan university cannot be missed. As a tribute to the Dawood family, one of the three buildings have been named for Bashir and Mariyam Dawood. Moreover, the Dawood foundation has made it possible for thousands of students to reach out for the educational goals that they have. This is one of the best reasons why the Dawood family is well-respected in Karachi and all over Pakistan. Certainly, the contributions that his family has made is unmatched in any sort.

The aid for natural disasters

The next big step that the Dawood have taken is to be the first in aiding the site of natural disasters along with their great team of volunteers.