Consider Living In Singapore? Here Are The Reasons Why

According to a recent survey, 9 out of 10 workers are satisfied in working in Singapore. Indeed, Singapore receives various titles due to the quality lifestyle they offer. So what exactly makes the City of Lions a good place to start your business or career? Here are the explanation below:

Second Most Globalized Economy Around the World

Singapore was named as the second world’s prospering economy in 2014 to 2015 by Global Competitiveness Report. In Singapore, the wages are high, the working conditions are excellent, the unemployment rate is low, and the business environment is good for investors. Thus, apply Singapore pr online and move to Singapore.

Lucrative Salaries

As the economy of the country is booming, they are constantly hiring specialists from other parts of the world. They offer top salaries and lucrative benefits to their new talents. For example, software engineers can have a yearly salary of 72.0000$. Teachers can have 34.000$ each year while a waitress can bring around 1,100$ each month. Meanwhile, doctors can earn around 80.000$ each year. This is indeed higher compared to salaries offered by other countries.

Progressive Tax System

It will only take around 30 seconds to calculate and file your online tax return in Singapore. Paying and calculating taxes in the place is easy. As you obtain a permanent residence permit, your taxes can be from 0% to 20% each year. This also depends on your salary. Meanwhile, non-residents are expected to pay 15% from all the income they earned in the country. Finally, the income or earnings you gain abroad and brought to the country will not be taxed.

Easy to Have the Residence or Work Permit

Singapore is interested in attracting new labor force and residence in their country. This is because they only have a population of five million and each year, the fertility rate drops. Thus, if you already have a job offer, applying for a work permit will only take a few minutes. You don’t need to spend the whole day to submit documents. Indeed, the procedure is simple and fast.

Quality Education

At any stage, if you feel that you lack the relevant education you need in your job, you can get a masters degree in one of the universities at Singapore. The National University of Singapore is considered as number one university in Asia. They offer degrees in Law, Arts, Medicine, Public Policy, and Computer Sciences. The students both resident or foreign can apply for tuition air or governmental grants. With this, the costs can be cut down up to 50%. 20% of the government funding goes to education. As such, you can try to have the best education Singapore can offer.